An Adorable Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen

It is very natural that the world of children is fun, attractive and creative with their various things and toys. KidkraftNavy VintageKitchen is one of the greatly creative and adorable toys for playful children to be a chef. This toy is kind of kitchen cabinet miniatur which is suited with the children size to make their activity comfortable. This kitchen toy is suitable with their age and can be proper thing for their creativity. Let the kids pretend and act to be the great and professional chef for their family with this beautiful toy.

Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen

Features ofKidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen for your beloved kids

Kidkraft navy vintage kitchen has detail features that will satisfy kids in playing in 33.5 x 13.5 x 45 inches. This kitchen miniatur has doors which can be opened and closed, oven knobs which can be clicked and turned. The features of this Chinese furniture is also completed with easy clean up from mini removable sink beside the stoves. Not only that, this adorable toy also has cordless phone that can be used to act talk on the phone. The item weight is about 50 pounds so it can be easily to be moved to everywhere you want.

dimensions of Kidkraft vintage kitchen

cordless phone

open and close door

Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Price and the Other Colors

Besides navy, there are 4 different colors available for this Kidkraft navy vintage kitchen with different price for each color. Thet are blue in light color, pink which is very cute, red which looks professional, and white in high elegance. The navy is priced at $152.54, the blue $99,57, the pink one $117.18, the red $132.99 and the white $106.99. There are so many colors and prices of Kidkraft vintage kitchen that you can take for your children’s gift. Choose your kid’s favourite color and make them happier with this special thing.

sink and stoves

There are many toys taht are sold in the market, but not every toy can give savety for your children. Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen, a kitchen cabinet miniatur can give the very good savety and creativity for your beloved children. With suitable size and many good fetures will make your children can do many kitchen activities and feels very comfortable. So it is time to you to prepare your child’s birthday with this adorable gift. Cheer up your beloved children and beautify your life with a professional little chef in your family.