American Standard Kitchen Faucet Repair Instructions To Know

Many people choose the American standard kitchen faucet in decorating their kitchen. Yes, the common reason is because the American standard provides the versatile product with the high quality. Although it has the high quality each product, the kitchen faucet still needs the reparation to keep its well condition. In this occasion, we will talk about American standard kitchen faucet repair instructions, which you should know.

Adjusting Temperature

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The common problem occurs inside the kitchen faucet is the problem of temperature. Sometimes, people find that the water is too hot or not hot enough. Here, when you find this problem occurs in your kitchen faucet, you do not need to worry because actually, it is a single case to repair. Here, all you need to do is adjusting the temperature.

To adjust the temperature, you need to fix the limiter that lays under the handle. With a screw, you could remove the lock and try to fix the limiter. Here, to fix the limiter, you could counterclockwise to increase the temperature of the faucet and clockwise to reduce its temperature. In common, the American faucet has 0 to 7 in scale of the temperature.

Stopping Leaks

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Another problem, which commonly occurs in American faucet is the stopping leaks. This problem happens because of the problem of the seal between the cartridge and valve seat. When the problem occurs in American faucet, of course the only way to do is changing it. There are some steps, which you need to do in order to change it.

American Standard Kitchen Faucet Repair Instructions

Turn off the water, remove the handle of the faucet and unscrew the cartridge. After removing the seal, of course you should place the new one. This one of American standard kitchen faucet repair instructions is like simple but sometimes people cannot do it well. Calling the expert is the better choice to get the nice result.

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By the explanation above, we may see that there are some common problems occur in the American standard faucet. When the problem of the faucet occurs, you do not need to worry because there are some instructions, which could be done easily. However, it is also important for you to do the prevention matter in order to keep the well condition of the faucet. By the prevention, problems of the faucet will never happen. That’s all about American standard kitchen faucet repair instructions, which we need to discuss.