The Benefits of DIY Kitchen Island on Wheel

DIY kitchen island on wheel offers you several benefits into your kitchen. When you come to decorate your kitchen, to choose this furniture will make you satisfied. From adding extra storage to create decorative look, it serves you all. Here are some considerations for you to choose the portable island.


DIY kitchen islandon wheel is so practical indeed where you can move it easily from one edge to another. You can also use this kind of kitchen furniturewhen you have to prepare the cook in open air such as preparing barbeque and so on. You just need to roll this portable kitchen island from your kitchen to the place where you have barbeque party for instance.

Adding extra workspace

To have only kitchen cabinet in your kitchen may not be enough for sometimes. Mainly if your kitchen space is limited, your cabinets may just include the stove, sink, and small countertop. in this case the portable kitchen island is so helpful. You can roll it when you want to use it and then you can save it again in the place you think more spacious.building a kitchen island on wheels

Adding extra storage

This DIY kitchen island on wheel also serves additional storage as well as the fixed kitchen island. The capacity depends on size, the wider this portable kitchen island the more stuff can be stored. For the small one like in the picture above, you can put a mixer, some plates, sheet pans, and more. With the open cabinet style, make this furniture be more accessible enough. In addition, the rest side of this kitchen island allows you to put a seating.

diy small kitchen island on wheels

Easy to make

The ways to make this removable kitchen island are quite easy. The materials you need are the board, plywood and block butcher, four wheels, swivel casters, screws, wood glue, and sandpaper. For the steps, so sorry in this chance we cannot server as well, you may follow some instructions you can find on websites. There are so many tutorials in making this kind of furniture.

In addition, when you make this DIY kitchen island on wheel, you have to consider about color choosing. It is better to adjust the color with the existing color on your kitchen. If you want to add other color, make sure it does not distract the decoration because of its overwhelmed sense. You should keep in your mind that the key of decoration is by keeping the balance of color scheme to harmonize the display.