Best Tall Kitchen Trash Can

Kitchen cannot be separated from trash can that will keep the cleanness of the kitchen parts. Tall kitchen trash can may be the best solution of the mess in the kitchen. It is very important to choose the right tall trash can that is suitable feature for your activity in the kitchen. The most important is that the trash can for kitchen must be a solid and free from the leak. Here are some of the best high trash can with lid that will make you feel comfortable in the kitchen.

kitchen trash can

plastic kitchen trash can


High Quality Tall kitchen garbage can with lid

Brabantia Touch Bin is the stainless steel high kitchen trash can that has the size capacity until 10 gallons/40 liters. This trash has high aesthetic that they are classy, elegant, gleaming and tent to be the expensive one. It is designed as a straight cylinder without liner and completed with cushiony lid to hides the edge of garbage. The lid is made from plastic that can be opened quietly by the flick of your fingers. You can get this luxury fingerprint proof trash can with $146.

Brabantia Touch Bin

Another tall kitchen trash can is Simplehuman 40 Liters Butterfly Recycler which is made from stainless steel and plastic. The dimension of this tall trash can is 30.5inch H x 10.4inch W x 26inch D /17 lbs. This can is the top rated recycling version with two bins inside that can hold 20 liters for each. It has the split-open lid for lower clearance with slim width. Get this beautiful tall trash can with $146.

Simplehuman 40 Liters Butterfly Recycler

Get the eco-friendly trash can, Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can Dual Compartment with $200. With $200, you can buy the great trash can with carbon filter for neutralizing odor. This trash can is featured by fingerprint proof, reinforced solid steel bar foot pedal, and 2 recycling separated bins. The size capacity is 14.5 gallons total with the can dimension 25.8inch H x 22inch W x 14.2inch D. Get it and you will have a crush on this eco-friendly trash can that keep the freshness of your kitchen.

Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can Dual Compartment

Those are some best tall kitchen trash can you can buy in markets or via online. There are still many other brands you can choose. They are Hefty, Rubbermaid, Homezone, Genuine, Luxehome, Vipp, and still many other brands. Don’t forget to examine carefully when you are shopping for the trash can! Choose the one best for your activity in your kitchen!