Black Kitchen Cabinets for Cleaner and Elegant Statement

When it comes to decorate your kitchen, black kitchen cabinets may help you in creating the new statement and refreshment. The black hue result the clean and elegant sensation to your kitchen decoration. Then, contemporary look will automatically appear. However, it also needs to keep in mind other factors that can perfect the decoration. Here, this article serves the ideas in decorating your kitchen mainly with the black theme.

Choosing the right color combination

The black color saturated by the kitchen cabinets is the focal point of the kitchen. Thus, it needs to choose any other color to balance the display. To blend the kitchen cabinets with countertops, walls, lighting, or even floors are the key of creating the balance statement. You can blend the black kitchen cabinets with silver or white countertops, the pros and cons of those colors result the stunning and calming sensation.

black kitchen cabinets pictures

Then, the surrounding cabinets like walls and lighting also should be in harmony with the kitchen cabinets. For the walls, it is better when you paint them with the neutral pallets like white, cream, ivory, or subdued gray. Those colors can create the calmness and strengthen black color as focal point. In case of choosing lighting, the natural lighting from larger windows and the lighting from lamp are needed. You can choose the white bulb pendant fixture lightings hanging over the kitchen island (if any) or in the center of room.

Adjusting the measurement of space

If your kitchen is spacious enough, the possibility is limitless. You can choose the large black kitchen cabinets for any edges of kitchen. Then, it is good to put also a kitchen island. For the color, you can blend black for cabinet and silver for the countertop. In addition, you can also choose the grey-black mosaic as the backsplash. The overall stainless steel of appliances and the high stools add sleek style.

black kitchen cabinets with grey countertops

However, if the space is quite limit. You can choose the parallel layout of the kitchen. It can prevent the kitchen for being narrowing and darkening. So that, the cabinets which are in black still looks so stunning and clean indeed. In addition, by the parallel layout, the natural light from surrounding rooms also helps in shining the room.

By far, to decorate the kitchen with black kitchen cabinets needs any other tones to keep the balance of the room itself. Too much black color will make the decoration looks darker and overwhelmed. Therefore, you need to consult to the professional about the shades that can perfect your kitchen which is in black style.