Can Lights In Kitchen Placement Ideas

The kitchen is certainly among the most visited, because there is always cooking, the whole family gathers and meets guests. Here are special can lights in the kitchen tips and ideas to improve lighting spotlight. Even it is a small kitchen, lighting is generally important to design in order to cover all the working area. So, it is necessary to provide several types of lighting especially in the kitchen.


Can Lights In Kitchen – What Should Be the Lighting?

To create the right lighting project, you need to know the basic requirements for it. And they are as follows. The first is that light should be placed where all people on the working surface. Additionally, in the kitchen doesn’t cast a shadow. The second, the light sources should not be too bright to not blind a person. The third, it is important that some light sources complement others. You need to consider the color scheme of the kitchen. Thus, light walls and furniture will reflect up to 80% of the light flux, and dark – only about 12%. Different lighting power is also required.


For can lights placement in kitchen, there are approximate standars which should be followed. The first, the lighting power for the working area in the kitchen is 100 W / m2, while for dining is about 50W / m2. When adjusting the illumination of the working area in kitchen, it is necessary. Of course, this is aimed to monitor the distance from the water sources to the luminaires. It must be at least 60 cm. So, lights placement is very important to plan in order to get the best spotlight.


Can Lights in Kitchen – Lighting of Working Zone with General Equipment

So in the center of the kitchen or around the dining table you can provide a chandelier. An alternative to chandeliers for small kitchens is can lights. It is as well as built-in lighting in a false ceiling. It will be excellent if the rheostat is provided. Accitionally, you can adjust the intensity of the light and change the atmosphere in the kitchen. You may check can lights gallery to give you many choices.


Above the working area, it is necessary to equip a sufficiently bright light. To place light sources is best on hanging cabinets, so that the light from them falls directly on the work surface. You can choose a set of furniture, where the manufacturer has already provided holes for the installation of fixtures, but you can solve the problem with the help of individual fixtures. The backlighting needs not only a working surface, but also a sink, a cooker, and a kitchen island, if any. Over the stove, you can only use the lighting provided by the hood – this is quite enough.