How To Decorate Front Kitchen 5th Wheel

If you are a camper trailer, you are excellently familiar with front kitchen 5th wheel. Having a compatible kitchen while you are camping is so great. To make it looks slightly and tidily, you need to know the best placement indeed. Here, we serve you the tips of decorating and organizing the kitchen in your fifth wheel.

Be brighter

The fifth wheel is so compact where the space is divided to several fronts like living room and other room. To enhance the space, you need to decorate the front kitchen 5th wheel or may be the overall parts of by a brighter color. For example, the white color will make you front kitchen looks wider and cleaner. Then, give the darker accent such as black for countertop and the kitchen appliances.

front kitchen 5th wheel for sale

Add more storage

To add the storage, you can take advantage the ceiling mount shelves. You can install the shelves in wherever as possible. For example, if there any space over fridge, you may install the shelves over it and so does if it is possible to install over microwave. You can keep you dishes or food supply within the selves. Thus, your kitchen will look orderly and far from being overwhelmed.

5th wheel floor plans with front kitchen

Take advantage of open shelves 

Open shelves are so beneficial to add more storage with its capability to accessible. In your front kitchen 5th wheel, you can also put one, two or more open shelves. There, you may put some mugs or cutlery. Again, it aims at creating the kitchen look decorative beside its functional. You can put these open shelves in the edge between lower and upper cabinets or in any place you think possible.

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Taking advantage of towel rail and seating chair

Tea towel may be essential in the kitchen in order to clean up the stuff or appliance. To make it accessible, you can install a towel rail on the one side of cabinet. So you no need to overwhelm in placing and finding its tea towel. Then, to add the extra seating in front of the cabinets may be possible. While you cook, your loved ones can wait for you by seating on it. 5th wheel front living outdoor kitchen

By far, it is not so difficult to decorate your front kitchen 5th wheel. Just to keep anything orderly can create the space look wider. Of course, that also can increase you kitchen to look more decorative. Then, the most important thing is always keep the cleanness of the kitchen itself.