Farmhouse Kitchen Table with Bench for Rustic Chic Decoration

can create the unique and rustic the decoration of your kitchen or dining room. The bench can express the classic but classy statement into the display and add the larger capacity of seating. Thus, beside decorative, it is also functional one. The following are some tips for you in choosing this kind of kitchen furniture.

Decide the theme  

Even the farmhouse style deals with uniqueness, to emphasize what the theme you want is needed. For example, you want to have the shabby farmhouse you may choose the smooth color scheme along with the flower pattern or something like that. Then, if you want more rustic, you may have to keep the genuine pattern of wood for the table and bench. The theme is limitless.

farmhouse kitchen table and chairs


To decorate means to arrange the stuff well— the right arrangement can result the good decoration. You can put the farmhouse kitchen table with bench in the center of your kitchen if the dining is in parallel. Install some unique pendant lighting over the table to perfect the decoration besides its main function to shine your kitchen. To make the farmhouse kitchen table adorable, you can put a vase flower or small classic porcelain over there.

Keep the color balance

Too many dark furniture exist, it will make the display less attractive. Then, if the furniture is brighter wholly, it may less attractive too. The best way is to blend the dark with the bright ones. In case of farmhouse kitchen table with bench, to add some combination will make it looks livelier. For example, choose the lighter brown for the table and seat of bench but let the legs of table and seating chair be in white. To add the shabby style, choose the flower pattern of upholsters.

farmhouse kitchen table and bench

The balance with the surroundings also needs to be considered. As the kitchen table is the focal point with darker hue, the surrounding should be in lighter. Paint the wall with the smooth color like white, beige, ivory, of baby grey. Then, for the floor, it is better to choose light one reflect the beam from the lamp.

Well, the existence of farmhouse kitchen table with bench is able to create decorative from the rustic to the chic statement. However, it requires the right arrangement and the color balance with surrounding still. Perhaps, you get the new inspiration after read this info.