Farmhouse Style Kitchen Islands: Best Types to Choose

Do you look for something lite bit fresh and rustic? How are about the farmhouse style kitchen islands design? Well, choosing the right kitchen island design will make you full comfort. Of course, island cabinet design gives you more places to do some activities from preparing to serving.


Additionally, kitchen island design has some styles. One of the most popular designs is the farmhouse kitchen island. It brings rustic and fresh to blend. Here are some pictures and styles of the farmhouse kitchen island plans that you may choose.

Small Farmhouse Island Cabinet with Shabby Chic Decors


Do you want to get shabby chic decoration in your kitchen? This is your time to decorate it with the small farmhouse island design. The small island cabinet commonly only consists of the hardtop island with some drawers. It may not have the base cabinet as the usual. This kind of island design may be also portable and movable. Therefore, it is perfect for small kitchen.

Vintage White Island Cabinet with More Storage


If you want to get more storage and space to set in your kitchen, this kind of vintage white island cabinet with more storage is your best choice. It brings more storage on the cabinet likely the drawers, base cabinets with doors, and space under for more baskets. Painted in white for the cabinet base and brown for the laminated wooden countertop, this island cabinet really features the farmhouse kitchen island table.

Farmhouse Island Cabinet in Contemporary Kitchen


The use of farmhouse island cabinet will be matched perfectly to the contemporary kitchen. The use of the natural wood painted on the base cabinet will feature the natural scene of farmhouse appearance. However, it is perfect when combined with the dark patterned granite countertop. It adds the elegance for your contemporary kitchen nuance.

Shaker Island Cabinet Styles


When you are searching the shaker island cabinet styles, this may be your great choice. It is the big kitchen island design that has more function. Additionally, made of the shake wood materials, this cabinet makes this island cabinet look rustic. Of course, it will perfectly match to the hardwood countertop design. This kind of farmhouse kitchen island cabinet is your best choice for the large kitchen.

Now, how is about your kitchen island in your house? Do you need a new application that makes your kitchen fresher with nice looking? Those inspiring ideas about the Farmhouse Style Kitchen Islandswill help you to decorate your kitchen to appear timeless.