High Chairs for Kitchen Island with Friendly Prices

Kitchen Island need a good and efficient furniture size and design so that the kitchen more spacious and comfortable. It will be so complete with suitable high chairs for kitchen island for your family members which have different age and size of body. If you have a kid, it is very important to select the high chair which is suitable for her/him. However, don’t worry because you can find the high chairs with various models which has adjustable height for your convenient. Here are some examples of adjustable high chairs you can choose for your comfortable kitchen.

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The Various of Adjustable High Chairs for Kitchen Island

High chairs can be made from various materials like wood or metal which has many different design and size. The design can be classic or modern, and has different models of seat with swivel or foam covered seat. Here is one of the examples of adjustable high chairs for kitchen island you can choose.

 wood high chair

Adjustable Counter Height Kitchen Island Bar Stool/Modern Round Swivel Chair is one of adjustable high chair in markets. This modern designed high chair is made from high quality metal frame which is finished in black color. The dimensions of this chair are 16inch w x 20inch d x adjustable 37-43 h. It has 4 adjustable leg that can be set 24 inch until 29 inch seat height for your convenience. You can stay engage and fun for having conversation with the others on 360 degrees swivel foamed seat.

Adjustable Counter Height Kitchen Island Bar StoolModern Round Swivel

adjustable height

The price of high chairs for kitchen island

High chairs for kitchen island has various prices depend on the material, deisgn, size and of course, the brand. The prices of wood or metal high chairs is about $50 until $200. Usually, the wooden high chairs has the higher price than the metal one. For adjustable counter height kitchen island bar stool/modern round swivel chair explained before, you can buy it with $50.73.

modern high chairs

Kitchen Island is a trend of kitchen style that is applied with many people nowadays for its efficiency of space. This kitchen model is not only for cooking activity but also for eat together with family in the same place. If you want to design your kitchen island with counter, you will need high chairs for kitchen island. We sell many various of high chair material, size, design and brand you can buy with friendly prices.