Most Incredible Living Spaces Kitchen Tables That Inspire You

Having small house may lead you to have no dining room. Some homeowners may prefer to blend their dining room with the kitchen space. Here, the Living Spaces Kitchen Tables may become the best solution to have it. Having a good kitchen table for living space and activities may help you utilize the limited space. Here, we offer you the most incredible ideas of having the living space kitchen table.

Kitchen Bar Counter Table Designs


Have you ever thought about having the bar counter as a table in your kitchen? The living spaces kitchen islandcan be a great idea where you can set the island counter design to become a comfortable living table. The counter bar table has multifunction purposes. You can have your breakfast while socializing in the bar counter. It is available also to prepare cooking activities and serving.

The black and white bar counter here is an incredible idea. You can set the puffed barstools to complete the table kitchen design. The table is great enough with the white porcelain countertop.

Right Kitchen Nook Table


Do you want to get something different likely, the dining table set with the bench? You can choose the kitchen nook table. This table will help you utilize the space smartly. Some homeowners prefer to choose the wooden nook table to set. They may be the round or rectangular kitchen table.


The green and white kitchen nook table is a fresh idea to make you feel comfortable in the space. The built-in seats with the white square table are a good idea. You can choose this small square table with round leg for your living kitchen space.

Creative Kitchen Table Sets


Here is the creative idea of applying the small table kitchen in rectangular. This table is likely the sofa table set in the kitchen. The creative idea can be seen from the application of the built-in L-Shaped sofa united with the bar counter. Yeah, the counter table top is the best combination where you can put the sofa behind.

This creative idea can help you limit the space to use. As in the picture, the application of the tufted sofa set with wooden kitchen table is perfect. The smart look in the sofa set as the part behind of the kitchen counter. It is incredible and creative to arrange in your kitchen.


How do you think of those inspiring ideas? The application of the kitchen table as the living space furniture is great. It will help utilizing the limited space. Additionally, it may be surprising when getting the Living Spaces Kitchen Tables for more utilities.