Inspiring Wine Decorating Ideas For Kitchen

Enjoying a bottle of wine on the right time with beloved one is perfect day. And there are those wine decorating ideas for kitchen with the help of wine bottles. This is to bring into the interior the intoxicating flair of the wine cellar. If  you do not yet have your own home with a full cellar, our today’s selection is for you! This is also special for you who have to live right in a city apartment.

wine bottle decorations for kitchen

Wine Decorating For Small Space

Wine cell can be a solution for your. When you don’t have a full-fledged wine cabinet or a rack, wine cell decoration for kitchen  can be tried. This storage can be installed in the upper part of the wall between the ceiling and the hanging lockers . Additionally,  the bottles are safe and there is adequate use for the unoccupied space. This solution is especially successful for rooms with high ceilings. Alternatively, the “honeycomb” for wine bottles can be provided directly in the kitchen island, in a closet or in a niche above the refrigerator.

removable wine cell on the wall

And why not grow a wine tree decorations in the kitchen ? To do this, you need a beautiful log – a tree trunk, appropriate to the size of the kitchen. The trunk must go from floor to ceiling and be securely fastened for maximum stability. It remains only to drill the holes, as shown in the figure, insert bottles and from time to time harvest! Nothing harmonizes with wine like a tree. Metal, glass, plastic – all this is fine. But, kitchens in the style of Provence, country, and the old good classics with massive facades light will not decorate. They will be lost, fade under the influence of the almost magical power of natural wood.

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wine tree decoration for kitchen

Wine Decorating in Kitchen Furniture

An open wine rack in the bar has nothing to do with storage furniture. The first task is to be profitable, the task of the latter is to provide optimal conditions for a capricious drink. A wine cabinet is a cross between a shelf with a door and a refrigerator. Inside the necessary temperature and humidity are maintained. Shelves are placed with a proper inclination. The glass door does not let out ultraviolet.

wine bottle decorations on the kitchen cabinet

Compact built-in wine cabinets do not occupy a useful space, but provide the necessary conditions for wine. Shelves move on the guides – it is convenient and minimizes dangerous vibration. The wine cabinet was born in this kitchen, or at least made specially for it, along with all the rest of the furniture. In case of wine decorating for the kitchen can be done by yourself without wasting the budget. So, you may take one of those ideas above to celebrate your day by enjoying wine there.

wine bottle decorations on the island