KitchenAid Mixer for Cooking Versatile Gadget

KitchenAid mixer is a fabulous kitchen appliance that is functional, stylish, and durable. This world brand mixer offers you the limitless cooking experience along with its various attachments.  For the quality, it is such unquestionably—it is also so reliable in its performance. There are several models of this intimidating mixer. Here we just serve you only three models.

6 Quartz KitchenAid Mixer

The first model that we would talk about is 6 quartz mixer. It includes a bowl that is suitable for dense mixture, a metal flat beater, 6-wire whisk, and dough hook. This model allows you to make any kind of culinary easily. It needs 575 watt of electricity and has 13 dozen for the size. All the attachments are fit with this model. You can attach such as spiralizer, ice creame maker, or grinder to this mixer.

kitchenaid mixer attachment set

The price of this superior mixer machine is $320.99 and serves a hassle free warranty for 1 year. It is available in various colors such as apple green, Tosca, silver, and others. You can choose the suitable color that can express your desire. All has the sleek effect and make this mixer look sturdy in its beauty.

5-Quartz KitchenAid Mixer

The second type of KitchenAid mixer is 5 quartz that has 9 dozen cookie yield. It is such an excellent and versatile home appliance that makes your cooking more fun and easy. The stainless bowl of this mixer equipped by the handle make you easily in preparing the cook. It is also dishwasher safe where you can clean it up easily. The power hub permits any attachments attach to this mixer. All the kitchenAid mixer attachments are fit.

kitchenaid mixer specs

There at about 20 optional colors are available, you may find the color that fits with your preference or the kitchen design. You just need $429.99 to have this gorgeous mixer. A year warranty is also available if you find anything wrong.

4.5 Quart KitchenAid Mixer

This model of KitchenAid Mixer promotes lower energy than two models above—it just needs 250 watts energy. This classic series mixer cost $199.00 perfect for you with the budget concern. The stainless bowl can contain up to 6.75. Any attachments are also fit with this model.

kitchenaid mixer replacement parts

Those are the information of KitchenAid Mixer. Whatever the models, they offer the best quality and performance. You can choose one of the available models according to your need. These versatile kitchen gadgets really serve you the extraordinary experience of cooking.