How Much Are Kitchen Cabinets?

If you want to remodel your kitchen and ask ‘how much are kitchen cabinets?. This passage answers your question. The budget to remodeling the cabinet of the kitchen is takes 30 – 50% of all the cost of kitchen component. You can reduce the budget of the cabinet to spend more money for flooring, countertops, appliance and wall treatments. The RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets are tent to take the higher price than the unassembled one. If you want to take the lower, here are some references of unassembled cabinets with prices on the 10’x10’ kitchen.

kitchen cabinets

How much are unassembled kitchen cabinets?

The first to be explained is Unassembled Tuscany Shaker Merlot Kitchen. This cabinet has from solid wood doors, maple cabinet faces, and plywood cabinet boxes. Tuscany Shaker Merlot Kitchen has Cam locks style like RTA cabinets that has invisible screws. You can buy this Unassembled Tuscany Shaker Merlot Kitchen at $1,800 with free shipping via Amazon. This is the best answer for the question ‘how much are kitchen cabinets with low price?’

Unassembled Tuscany Shaker Merlot Kitchen

Another unassembled cabinet is modern style of Melamine and Particle Board Cabinets. This cabinet’s style gives European touch to your kitchen which is designed by IKEA. The feature of the cabinet include AKURUM cabinets, cabinet fronts, handles, hinges, dampers, drawers, plinths, moldings and legs. You can take this unassembled Melamine and Particle Board Cabinets with $4,570 elevated by worktops, sinks and faucets.

Melamine and Particle Board Cabinets

How much are pre-assembled kitchen cabinets?

Here are some pre-assemble kitchen cabinets with average prices. The first is Pre-Assembled Maple Kitchen Cabinets. You have to pay $3,677 to take this cabinet with the $1,100 essentially for the company for assembling. This cabinet set has 3/4inch solid s maple doors and cabinet-grade plywood boxes with the style by Sonoma.

Pre-Assembled Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Pre-Assembled 8 Cabinets, Fulton Mocha Style is the kitchen cabinets from Costco. It has sink base 30inch, base cabinet 21inch with 2 roll out trays, 2 wall cabinets 30inch and 18inch. It is also completed with microwave shelf 30inch, 24inch corner cabinet, pantry (or utility) cabinet with 4 roll out trays. This Pre-Assembled 8 Cabinets, Fulton Mocha Style costs $3,292.

Pre-Assembled 8 Cabinets, Fulton Mocha Style

Those are the prices of cabinets you can apply to your lovely kitchen. The RTA and unassembled one significantly influence how much are kitchen cabinets. Be smart in remodeling your kitchen especially for the cabinet’s part so you can spend more for other kitchen parts.