Non Slip Work Shoes for Kitchen Work

If you spend much time to work in the kitchen, you need a non slip work shoes for kichen work. Work in the kitchen need to stand with legs more, and also move around the kitchen to take many things. If the legs are not in comfort zone, it will bother your kitchen activity with hurt legs. Moreover, the kitchen is the place to deal with water and foods which can be spilled and the floor slick. That is why you need a slip resistant shoes during working in the kitchen from Shoes for Crews brand.

slip resistant shoe from Shoes for Crew

Women’s and Men’s slip resistant shoes for kitchen work

Shoes for Crews provide various choices of non slip work shoes for kitchen work. It is especially designed for man and woman who spend their day in the kitchen at home or restaurant. Here are some examples of shoes for woman and man.

man's traction slip resistance and tripguard

woman's traction slip resistance and tripguard

Liberty Woman’s Black Style 37255 with athletic appearance is very neat and comfortable shoes for woman to work in the kitchen. This shoes has zone traction slip resistance and tripguard so you can move freely and safely on slippery surface. With water resistant system, removable insole and natural fit, Liberty will improve your convenience on working in the kitchen. It is also made from 100% vegan without containing animal and not tested on animals. The weight (per shoe) is 9.8 oz so you can easy to move.

Liberty Woman's Black Style 37255

We also has Men’s Black Freestyle II 38140 with athletic appearance. This shoes has the same specification with liberty with zone traction slip resistance, tripguard, water resistant, and removable insole. This vegan shoes has natural fit for men’s default size with the weight (per shoe) 12.2 oz. There are many other men’s or women’s non slip work shoes for kitchen work with various design you like.

Men's Black Freestyle II 38140

Non slip work shoes for kitchen work price

The stylish and comfirtable shoes from Shoes for Crews are easy on wallet but great on the job. You can get the shoes with about $30.00 until $70.00 depend on the design and style of the shoes. For the Liberty Woman’s Black shoes, it costs at $39.98 and for Men;s Black Freestyle, it also costs at $39.98.

If you look for the best shoes to improve your kitchen work, just buy one from Shoes for Crews. This company provide exchanging shoes from 60 days from your puchase date with fast lane exchange and quickship. Get the happy and easy purchasing non slip work shoes for kitchen work with Shoes for Crews.