How to Set Rugs Under Kitchen Table

Setting a kitchen with no fluffy pile on the floor presents a neat impression with expensive accessories and somewhat unruly moreover, it is not easy how to fix with rugs under kitchen table. The mistakes begin with too small rug lie on the floor can spree up the chairs. A good rug pattern must have more colour option, texture, and the material of the rug itself. Do not be so hard to think an easy feat to set up the rug under your table kitchen.  Pay more attention to the kitchen table set, before you decide to position the rug. These are the best idea how to set rugs under round, rectangle, oval or etc kitchen table.

rugs under kitchen table

 Whenever to pull out the chairs, you need 24 inch of extra of the kitchen area and of course the guests do not have to trip  the over the rug. So, you have to provide more space for your kitchen table rug. If you want to have an ideal round rug under kitchen table, make sure to have a correct size rug. Because, you have to measure the table and chair first, and mark 24 inch that you add to the area for rug with pencil or painter’s tape.  If the rug reaches the kitchen furniture are buffet, bar cart), you should consider changing the size area rug under kitchen table.

round rug under kitchen table

Did you know the ideal size rug under kitchen table? The size of rug is according to the types of the table plus seat. Place the round rug for only round kitchen table, and place also the rectangle or square rug for rectangle kitchen table. If the table diameter 36” x 60” plus chair 48” and the total inches are 84” x 108”, you need the rug size 7” x 9”. And 36” round kitchen table, so you need 7” x 7”. And the chair allowance is 48”.  If your room size is larger, add the rug which provides you more space with ideal size.

Rectangle rug for kitchen table

If you want to set the rug for oval kitchen table, you should measure the oval table and the seats. I recommend rectangle rug for oval kitchen table. The ideal size for this oval table with 8 seats are 10” x 14” ( 3,05 x 4,27). Well, there are many sizes option that you can deal with. Do not too small and large rug size, well that is the key you should know.

Square rug under kitchen table

 Remember this point when you set rug under kitchen tableselect a flat weave or short pile rug. As we know that inevitable rug is good and flat-wave or low pile rug easy to set and it will not so hard to clean. Keep the shag rugs, Moroccan, and another tone for your kitchen table.

Moroccan rug