Sherwin Williams Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

To make your kitchen looks attractive, you need to paint the kitchen cabinet. Painting kitchen cabinet is not easy. You have to know how to paint it and choose the appropriate color. If you do not have any idea, it will be a good idea if you plan Sherwin Williams kitchen cabinet paint colors. They have great tips and ideas for your kitchen cabinet colors.

sherwin williams kitchen cabinet paint colors

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinet Easily

Based on Sherwin William’s guide, you can do this project by your own easily. For the detailed way, you can follow these steps below. Firstly, you need to remove the hardware and doors from your kitchen cabinet carefully. For the best result, we recommend you to apply sand and prime. You can use Extreme Bond evenly and let it dry. Make sure that the surface is clean.

Then, after 24 hours later, it will be better if you sand it again. Apply the sand or premier coat smoothly and evenly. After you are done with the sanding process, now you can start applying the first coat. You can use an inch or 1.5 inch angled brush. You should apply the paint to the detailed areas or the recessed of the cabinet doors. Then, paint the remaining flat areas immediately.

sherwin williams kitchen cabinet white paint

The last step based on Sherwin Williams kitchen cabinet paint colors is to apply the second coat. Applying the second coat can be done after 24 hours to 48 hours from the first coating process. After the second coat is dry, you can install the hardware and the doors to finish it. By following these steps rightly, it will feel easy.

sherwin williams marshmallow kitchen cabinets

Sherwin Williams Kitchen Cabinet Color Plans

There are many plans of paint color for your kitchen cabinet based on Sherwin Williams plan. The first is blue kitchen. Besides blue, there are some other beautiful colors that you can try. They include purple, yellow, red and green. You can apply your desired paint color to your kitchen cabinet. So, your kitchen will feel exciting and you will be happy working on cooking, preparing meals, etc.

sherwin williams snowbound kitchen cabinets

sherwin williams kitchen cabinet paint

That is all the plans of Sherwin Williams kitchen cabinet paint colors. Now, you can compare and choose one of them. From those kitchen cabinet paint color ideas, which one do you like most? Hopefully this will be a useful reference and can inspire you to find the most beautiful kitchen cabinet paint color.