How to Stain Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding

Kitchen cabinet has an important role in kitchen decoration. With kitchen cabinet, your kitchen will look much more interesting. However, if your old kitchen cabinet looks not good anymore, it means that you need to stain the kitchen cabinet again. It will be a good idea if you do this project by your own. Therefore, you have to know how to stain kitchen cabinets without sanding.

gel stain kitchen cabinets without sanding

Why Do You Skip Sanding?

There are many cases where sanding is needed before re-staining kitchen cabinets. However, not all projects of staining kitchen cabinets require sanding. In fact, sanding takes much time and also energy. That is why skipping sanding can be a good idea so that you can cut much time to complete this project of staining kitchen cabinets.

Steps by Steps to Stain Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding

Firstly, you need to prepare the cabinets & surrounding area for this project. After that, you need to remove the doors and cover the surrounding area to prevent the damages. Secondly, clean up the cabinet door with a duster or cloth from the dust and leave it for a while. Now, you can start staining or painting the surface of the cabinets & doors carefully and evenly. Make sure that the old paint does not exist anymore.


The next step how to stain kitchen cabinets without sanding is to clean the faces & doors of the cabinet. You can use a wood cleaner which contains de-glosser. Remove any residue from old pain and chemical stripper. Then, leave it for a few minutes until the cleaner dry. After that, you can apply the new stain evenly and carefully.repainting kitchen cabinets without sanding

refinishing kitchen cabinets no sanding

staining kitchen cabinets without sanding

Leave it and allow the first stain coat to dry overnight. In the next day, you can apply another stain coat again using the same method. After everything is done, you can reassemble the doors to the cabinets and install the cabinet on the previous place carefully. You can use the screwdriver that you have used form removing the doors.

To do this project, it may take about 2 days so that you will get the best result. Doing this project by your own will save money compared to you hire a contractor. That is all how to stain kitchen cabinets without sanding. You can see that the detailed steps above are simple and easy. So, we are sure that you can do this at home.