Steps of How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs

The outdoor kitchen offers the new sensation of cooking in the open air it will be more fun. Then, to build this open air kitchen actually takes time and sweat equity. Here are ways of how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs you may try. The metal accent will make the decoration looks so sleek and contemporary.

Steps of building an outdoor kitchen

Metal studs are very sleek and contemporary look, these are suitable for having the modern design outdoor kitchen. The longevity is able to be more decades when it gets the proper maintenance. Then, let pay attention to the steps of how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs bellows.

  • Make a plan

This is important to prepare the plan of the kitchen layout and dimension, of the position of each stuff and et cetera. While you try to draw the kitchen layout, you also need to estimate the dimension or size of hardware you will use like grill, sink, countertop, lower cabinets, and fridge. It means before you start to build these hardware are well prepared. It is better to consult you plan to contractor in order to give them the blueprint.

  • Framing and construction

After all the needed materials are ready, the next step of how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs is to frame the metal studs by joining them using the screw. Then, apply cement board to the frame. Then, you can cover the cement by using the cultural stone veneers. They make your outdoor kitchen look so classic but classy. Afterward, install the sink, countertop, the doors for lower cabinets, fireplace, stove, and other hardware you need. Apply them carefully to make the layout look orderly and tidily.

building outdoor kitchen with metal studs

In choosing the countertops, you can choose the plywood or the granite. If you want the classic accent, you may choose the granite ones that will be in perfect with the cultural stone veneer. However all depend on your preference. Then, after all the hardware is installed, you need to wipe them out by using the dipped cloth. And, make sure the electricity and the water are also ready.

working with metal studs outdoor kitchen

Finally, the stunning outdoor kitchen is ready to use. You can happily cook in the fresh air mainly when the summer comes. Having the barbeque party with the family and friends also will be more comfy. That’s all the step of how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs. Hopefully, you are inspired.