The sturdy and stylish Hansgore Metro Higharc Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucet is an important thing that should exist in the kitchen as water source. offers you both aesthetic and functional values. This faucet is specially designed for eco-friendly where it has the efficiency of power and water.  This is also suitable for the small kitchen. Here are the details.


Hansgore Metro Higharc Kitchen Faucet is made of the finest material that can stay longer and offer the best performance. Brass is used to make all of Hahn faucets including metro higharc. The finish of this faucet is from chrome and the cartridge is from ceramic. If it is well maintained, the longevity of this faucet will stay for decades. The brass is sturdy enough to manage the water flows.

Parts of Faucet

This kind of faucet has three main parts you should know. First, it is called by spout—the familiar think of faucet. It is a water tube where the water flows out and up from the pipe. Second is aerator, such kind of filter situated at the tip of the spout. It aims at preventing the splash and regulating the pressure. Last, it is handle that function to turn on or of the faucet. The handle of this faucet is top mounted with flat and rectangular—a combination of traditional and contemporary looks.

hansgrohe metro higharc kitchen faucet parts


Hansgore Metro Higharc Kitchen Faucet offers the low volume demand that is so efficient in energy saving. The energy-efficient is just at 1.5 gpm. The volume of air flows is not so strong where this faucet does not offer the pull out sprayer or water flows. Because of that, it can reduce the volume water and energy at once. If you use thankless water heater, this type of faucet is the best choice.

hansgrohe metro higharc kitchen faucet chrome


It is recommended to call the professional to install this faucet. But, if you want to install by yourself, you need to notice all of the instructions carefully. Overall, the step is not so difficult to figure out. For the alternative, you can see the video instruction in installing the faucet that you can access it from the QR code in the box.

Overall, if you need a kitchen faucet that offers the energy saving, sturdy, and stylish, Hansgore Metro Higharc Kitchen Faucet is the best choice.The longevity of this faucet can be last more than a decade, of course with proper maintain. By using this faucet, you try to be more eco-friendly.