The Tays of How to Stain Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

When it comes to reface the kitchen cabinets, to sand it before applying new finish is the common way. However, it takes times to do it and not proper if you have not much times. There here we serve you the ways of how to stain kitchen cabinets without sanding. It no needs sand paper any more to smooth the cabinets from the old finishing.

Uninstall the cabinets

The pre step of how to stain the kitchen cabinets without sanding is removing the cabinets. Even many stain the cabinets in the place, but it is not recommended. So, you can start to remove the door from the cabinets by labeling one by one. Then, remove the cabinets from the walls if it is possible. Then, unscrew also the knobs, hinges, and pull from each door. Put them in a container to be more accessible and avoid spreading out.

how to stain the kitchen cabinets without sanding

Clean the cabinets and doors

To prevent the dust include when you stain the cabinets, make sure the surface of cabinets is clean enough. You can wipe them out using the wet cloth. Wait until the surface fully dry after being wiped.  Not clean all of the cabinet at the same time, but try to clean the part that want to be stained first.

Staining with gel stain

The next step of how to stain kitchen cabinets without sanding is by applying the gel stain. Because the gel is rather thick, it is better to stir it before you start to apply it. Use paintbrush to spread the stain gel to the surface of the cabinet evenly. During application, you had better apply one to two part of cabinet at the same time. Then, don’t forget to use gloves when during your doing this project.

how to stain kitchen cabinets darker without sanding


To have the authentic and aesthetic pattern of wood, you can wipe the surface by using the wood grain. Coat the surface with the gel again for 3 times to get the maximum outcome. Then, for the professional result, it is better to spray the cabinet with satin lacquer. Let the stained cabinet totally dry before reinstall them again. how to stain kitchen cabinets without sandingThat’s all the ways of how to stain kitchen cabinets without sanding. The result is slightly not so far from staining with sanding. Thus, it can save your energy to not sand the cabinet by sanding paper of other tool of scrapper. If there’s any a simple way, why not try it?