The Ways of How to Restain Kitchen Cabinets

Need to reface your kitchen cabinet that is being outdated? He we serve you the information about how to restain kitchen cabinets. It is the inexpensive and easy way to do. So your budget will stay longer on your wallet instead of out for buying the new ones. Notice the following steps carefully to get any understanding in restaining cabinets.

Steps of restaining kitchen cabinets

Restaining kitchen cabinets actually needs a sweaty equity and some DIY understanding. However it will be more challenging and let yourself to put your ideas maximally. Let pay attention to the following steps of how to restain kitchen cabinets.

1. Remove the door from the cabinets at first and then try to carefully remove the overall cabinets from the wall. It is helpful that before removing all items, you need to give mark or label of each item. It aims to help you easily reinstalling in the right location.

2. Unscrew all of the hardware like knobs, pulls and hinges and put them all in a container to prevent the missing to restain kitchen cabinets yourself

3. It is time to striping the finish of existing cabinets along with the doors. Make sure you have bought a gel           stripper and then apply it by taking advantage of paintbrush to one or two parts of cabinets or doors at the same time to avoid the gel being dry out. Wait until 10 minutes until the surface of cabinets and doors become bubbled.

4. The next way of how to restain kitchen cabinets is by scraping the surface of cabinets and door by using a scraper. Make sure you wear gloves when you start to work this part and locate in the open air area.

5. If there are any stubborn spot, you can use a steel wool to remove it. Then, wipe out all the surfaces by dipped cloth to remove the missing stripper.

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6. When the cabinets and doors have dried, it is time to paint them with the new finish smoothly. After six hours and the paint has fully dried, you can apply the second coat. You need also to apply polyurethane varnish to the door and cabinets. Apply one more coat and let until 24 hours before reinstalling them.

Those are the all the steps of how to restain kitchen cabinets. The ways are pretty easy even you need to out the sweat for removing and replacing the cabinets. However, that’s really the budget friendly to reface the cabinets and you challenge you to be more creative.