Tips to Get Appropriate Lights For Over Kitchen Sink

Lighting is one of many factors that influence your mood in the kitchen including lights for over the kitchen. Kitchen is very important and functional parts of the house to do activities in daily life. Therefore, it is important to set the good light to carry the good mood for doing kitchen tasks. One of functional parts of the kitchen is sink area for doing dishes, rinsing vegetables and the other important activities. To get the best work on the sink, it needs the right and proper lighting over it.

Standard lighting over kitchen sinkand sink with cabinet

Ceiling lighting is the best choice for your sink with an open space or a window above it. A recessed lighting fixture is recommended by The National Kitchen and Bath Association. It is very appropriateiate for unobtrusive light and sinks which has nice view over the window above it. You can use 50 to 90 watt halogen bulb or the higher wattage depend on the size of the sink. This recessed lighting is the standard lighting for the sink.

receessed lightIf you prefer to make a decorative lighting over kitchen sink than standard, you can use a pendant light. A pendant light will give the illumination over the sink with an attractive detail for your kitchen. If you don’t like the bright glare to your eyes, use the pendant which conceals the bulb on the side.

pendant lightUnder-cabinet lights for over kitchen sink is the best bet for the sink with cabinet above it. If you use ceiling light, it must be placed beyond the cabinet and create unwelcome shadows on the sink. It is better to use under-cabinet lighting placed over the sink without any obstruction between the light and sink. You can choose multiple form of small light like long bar light, single round lights, or another model of lights.

under cabinet ligthsFor the sink under the shelves that hold foods, you have to avoid under-light cabinet. The heat of under-light cabinet will make the food faster to spoil except fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent does not generate much heat like other lights so it is saved to be placed under the food shelve.

Fluorescent fixture

Those are some tips that you can apply about model of appropriate lights for over kitchen sink. Just take one of the choices which is suitable for your position of the sink. Make your kitchen so comfortable to work and raise your mood with gorgeous lights.