Top 3 Country Kitchen Design Ideas to Add More Beauty

Country kitchen design.Decorating the kitchen with country style will enhance the room to feel warm, retro, and classic. Here, you can see how the shabby chic blends with something vintage and old. However, nowadays, many modern kitchens also appeal the country look to blend with the modernity. Of course, are you curious?

Classic Country Kitchen Design Ideas

country kitchen design ideas

Delivering classic look in the country kitchen design layout will be so easy. As shown in the image, the presence of all wood elements blends perfectly in their natural tones. Started from the ceiling design, it applies the planks with the unpolised system, like the wooden wall planks application. Then, what do you think of the all-wood furniture sets? They have very incredible wooden island ideas with perforated side cabinet.

Additionally, the other wooden furniture sets that you can see are the presence of the counter bar area matched with four small barstools. When you want to have dinner with family, a set of wooden table and chairs can be provided easily. Of course, this Country kitchen design looks very incredible in classic appearance because they are in one open room area.

Country Blends with Shabby Chic Decors

country kitchen design ideas photos

Who ignores the application of shabby chic decoration? Your country kitchen can be stylized beautifully with the shabby chic features. The color choices involve the use of white, Tosca, blue and little bit pale hues. However, what makes them matched wonderfully is the presence of white cabinetry and patterned white flooring tiles. The application really wins the solution of combining country and shabby chic.

Let us move to the additional stuff on the cabinetry and table. They look so beautiful with some colorful stuff and accessories. You will also see how chic the striped cushions on the white chairs. However, we really cannot forget the Country kitchen design using patterned shabby floor tiles.

VintageCountry Kitchen for More Beauty

country kitchen designs with island

The other country kitchen design picturesshow the beauty of the vintage look. Here, the white kitchen becomes the nice background for setting the other white cabinetry. Applying all monochrome white may be boring. However, when some colorful accessories and decors are added, you can see the result. Love so much the beautiful flower accent on the table and some floral decoration in the kitchen.

It is very interesting to look at the country interior decorations. However, you need more touches to create different country feels. As what we show, the presence of the classic, shabby chic and vintage addition will create more beautiful country style. Therefore, never ignore to look at the Country kitchen design and see the inspirations.